Why Join
Why People Choose to Join Toastmasters Club of Singapore?

There are numerous reasons why people join Toastmasters Club of Singapore. While some come to us to learn how to improve their public speaking skill, others seek our guidance to overcome their fear or nervousness of public speaking.


Undeniably, speaking in front of people and developing the fluency and confidence in public speaking is quite a daunting task which many have chosen to avoid. Developing good communications and presentation skills require consistent practice and good mentorship, both of which are what Toastmasters Club of Singapore strives to provide.

For 3-4 times a month, the club’s meetings provide a friendly environment where members can develop and practice their speaking skills before a live audience and be constructively evaluated on their efforts.

Members also have great opportunities to practice impromptu speaking and leadership skills. Only by actually speaking before and interacting with a live audience, again and again over time, can members lose their fear and develop their confidence in public speaking.

We believe 3 important factors contribute to a successful speech and they are:

  • Content
  • Organization
  • Presentation

These 3 factors may seem unrelated but are equally important for an effective speech presentation.

A speech may be well-written and organized effectively, but if it is not well-presented, the message is lost. Likewise, a speech may be well-presented, but if the content offers little substance or if the speech organization is weak, the audience will be left confused and unsatisfied.

All these skills that contribute to a successful speech presentation can be acquired in our Toastmasters club.

Come join us on the first 3 Mondays of every month (please check website for December) at Singapore’s Sheraton Towers and experience for yourself the enriching and conducive learning environment we’ve created in Toastmaster Club of Singapore to help all Toastmaster develop in their public speaking and leadership skills.

By the way, did we mention that we’re the first and longest standing Toastmasters club in Singapore with a rich tradition?

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