Club Presidents
1967 Ling Lee Hua, CTM
1968 Woo Ti Hsien
1969 Yap Jin Yau
1970 Tan Hung Tong
1971 Cheng Tim Pin
1972 Chong Low Wing
1973 Lau Liat Pheow
1974 Stephen Tie
1975 Wong Liang Han
1976 George Seow
1977 Teo Kim Meng
1978 Choo Weng Chu
1979 Kester Chia HL
1980 Lee Boon Huat
1981 Peter Koh SK
1982 Teo Kim Meng
1983 Choo Soo Heng
1984 Andrew Tan CK
1985 Lee Kwok Weng
1986 Lee YY, CTM
1987 Ernest Chen, DTM
1988 Aloysius Lim
1989 Kee Chin Ho, ATM
1990 Harold Yeo [6 months]
Ernest Chen, DTM[6 months]
1991 Pat Toh
1992 Patrick Tan
1993 Albert Tan
1994 Cheng Jih Min
1995 Lawrence Lee
1996 Tan Soo Khoong
1997 Pamela Chan
1998 Ernest Chen, DTM
1999 Lim Geak Keong
2000 Lilian Lim
2001 Stephen Lee
2002 Jean Quan
2003 Ng Cher Khim, DTM
2004 V Prabhkar
2005 Kee Chin Ho, ATM
2006 Ernest Chen, DTM
2007 Elsa Lim, ACB
2008 Jacky Lim, CTM
2009 Jeffrey Williams, CTM
2010 Ernest Chen, DTM
2011 Lee YY, CTM
2012 Low Kim Heng, CC
2013 Todd Ho, CC
2014 Vicky Soo, CC, CL
2015 Peter Ng, CC, CL
2016 Allison Ching, CC, CL

Notes for Mentors/Mentees

1) Every new member is assigned a mentor by TMCS’ VPEs Anshul Meharwal and Jessy Yau. We took the liberty of assigning mentors to new members as they may not know whom to approach at this early stage. After new members have attended some meetings, based on their observation and interaction, they should have an idea of which mentor they are most comfortable learning from.

If mentees do not work well* with their assigned mentors after the first or second projects and wish to switch, please approach or email TMCS’ VPEs. They will try their best to accommodate requests under reasonable conditions. Please note that we will switch only if both parties express difficulties working with each other.

2) Everyone has different learning capacities. It is up to each individual to determine how much guidance one needs. Ideally, mentees will have mentors guiding them through their 1st 3 projects. After that, it is up to both the mentee and mentor to decide what the next steps are. The project objectives can be quite challenging for later speeches so if mentees need more guidance, they may still approach their assigned mentors or other members they think they can most learn from. A true Toastmasters is always willing to help if a member is sincere to learn.

3) ‘Responsibility’ and “Proactiveness’ are imperative in mentorship. TMCS aims to provide adequate resources to guide members through this journey, but members must be responsible for their own learnings.

Mentees should ideally reach out to their mentors and decide on the best form of interaction – is it email, watsapp, face to face? Most mentors are working full time, so they cannot be chasing after their mentees. Be proactive and ask for help appropriately and timely. Also, if a mentee/member admires the style of a particular evaluator or speaker but he or she is not a designated club mentor, feel free to reach out to him or her for second opinion or advice. As mentioned, a true Toastmasters is always willing to help if a member is sincere to learn.


Ernest Chen

PME_4555a_0_0Ernest Chen, DTM is an extraordinary toastmaster and the torchbearer of the TMCS as described in the TMCS 48th Anniversary Magazine – Ernest inspires others and champon the cause of Toastmasters movement. Ernest has been President for five times, he is a visionary leader and possess tremendous passion for toastmasters. He started the first Community Centre Toastmasters Club and started the world’s first Mandarin Toastmasters Club. Ernest has travelled to the Toastmasters Convention in the States for five times. He understands Toastmasters and Toastmasters has given him opportunity to grow.
Ernest is an international speaker and trainer. Enest is also the author of these books – Earnestly Speaking and Rhetorically Speaking and Writing.

Soh Swee Kiat

skSwee Kiat, or SK, is semi-retired.  He had worked in the Government and Private sectors for more than 33 years.  He is currently a freelance trainer and has conducted workshops to primary and secondary school students and to corporate staff too.

Swee Kiat holds a Master in Social Science (Counselling) (MSocSc) Degree from the University of South Australia and a Licentiate in Performer’s Diploma in Effective Speaking from the Trinity College of Music, London (LTCL).

Swee Kiat has been a Toastmaster for 24 years and is presently a member of the Toastmasters Club of Singapore where he served as treasurer and vice-president, membership.  In an earlier club, he served in various key positions including that of president. Some of Swee Kiat’s achievements included the highest award of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).  He represented the district, as a finalist, in the International Speech Contest in 1993 and 2001 (in Hong Kong) and was the Division D champion in the Humorous Speech Contest in 1998.  In 2008, District 80 organised a writing competition and selected Swee Kiat’s article as one of the top five to receive the “MAD” Creative Writing Award.

Swee Kiat is a friend to the senior citizens as a Befriender with the Lions Befrienders Association for more than 25 years and has been a blood donor since 1969.

Swee Kiat enjoys listening to and singing the oldies and country and western songs.

Jeffrey Williams 

jeffreyJeffrey Williams is a Trainer and an Education Success Coach. He has been a public speaker and trainer for the past 8 years and has already attained the level of Competent Communicator and Advanced Leader (Silver) in the Toastmasters movement, Toastmasters International

Jeffrey is also an Education Success Coach, frequently conducting training for children, students and teenagers.  As an Education Success Coach, he has mentored children in their studies, provided assistance in problem solving and coaching them to have a positive attitude and mindset in their self-development and studies.

Currently doing training for schools and corporations, Jeffrey’s achievements and references include conducting public speaking training and sales training for staffs of MCYS, Singapore Power and NACLI (National Institute of Community Leadership) and students at Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic and Nanyang Polytechnic. Jeffrey also conducted a workshop on Acquiring Effective Communication Skills to officers and men of the Singapore Armed Forces Military Medicine Institute (MMI).

He was also invited by the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to give a talk on iLEAD – A program on public speaking, presentation and leadership skills to undergraduates at the university campus as well as “Career Planning and Development” to undergraduates, organizations’ business and human resource directors and teenagers at a public seminar at Ho Chi Minh City.

Jeffrey Williams was also featured as a trainer and speaker for a 1 day Straits Times 701 workshop on “Persuasion, Influencing and Empowering Skills” to participants from various corporate industries and government agencies. Other overseas training assignments included trainings in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia to organizations’ CEOs and Managing Directors on Strategic Leadership Management, Customer Relationship Management and Mastering Effective People Skills for Organizational Excellence

He conducted various trainings for Singapore Armed Forces, NHST Asia Media, Singapore General Hospital, Microsoft Singapore, SAP and Oracle. The training was focused on Sales using NLP Techniques, customer relationship management, mastering effective people skills and business and oral presentation skills. Previously, Jeffrey was in the sales and marketing profession for about 12 years. With years of experience in both the sales and marketing arenas, he has now ventured out to train would be sales and marketing personnel on the tips and techniques of closing every sale and making every client feel satisfied and important. In addition, Jeffrey was invited as a guest speaker on 2 occasions this year on 93.8 Live Radio to discuss topics on Mastering Effective People Skills as well as Mastering Entrepreneurship by just simply playing a game.

His motto in life is:  Never Stop Learning as there is a lot of things in life to explore and enjoy.


Jacky Lim

Jacky 001_low res_0A member with TMCS for close to 11 years, Jacky is currently one of the club’s senior mentors. He has competed in several speech competitions, emerging as champion at the International Speech, the Table Topics, and the Evaluation contests. A full-time professional speaker, NLP trainer and communications coach, Jacky has make a difference in the lives of over thousands of people all across Asia within a short span of 8 years. He has conducted several workshops on public speaking and worked with clients such as Samsung, MCYS, HDB, UPS, ING Bank, Singtel, among many others. An award-winning entrepreneur, Jacky has also been featured on the Sunday Times once and Singapore’s radio station 93.8FM LIVE 3 times. He is also the author of a a bestselling book. To find out more about Jacky, you may also visit his website at


Oh Hock-Chong

Oh Hock-Chong is an international speaker & trainer for MNC’s. He manages his own US-franchised training company, 2WinGlobal, and coaches sales executives & mangers in selling. Hock-Chong also owns an e-commerce business, in which he coaches global entrepreneurs in social selling. Currently he leads a team of thousand distributors globally in his international network. He is a frequent traveller in both his training & e-commerce business.

Hock-Chong, having been a Toastmaster for over 25 years, had won many Toastmasters speech contest awards. His first international award was at the young age of 25 years old at The Pan-South East Asia Toastmasters Speech Contest in 1989. He is also a regular project & general evaluator at TMCS, and has consistently been voted “Best Evaluator” by our club members. Hock-Chong is definitely a passionate Toastmaster & a public speaker; and bilingual speaker. He won the Division “L” Mandarin Speech Contest in 2013. Hock-Chong is passionate to mentor other Toastmasters, especially young & ambitious members, in their pursuit to become great speakers and global leaders. His vision is to mentor a team of young speakers & leaders to continue the great vision of Toastmasters International Founder, Ralph C. Smedley.