About Toastmaster Club of Singapore

Toastmasters’ Club of Singapore is the first and longest-standing Toastmasters Club in Singapore.

The history of Toastmasters’ training is as old as the history of Singapore’s path towards self-determination and independence.

Our club founder is CTM Ling Lee Hwa. He started life as a rubber tapper from Sarawak, and later came to Singapore to seek his fortune.
During the second World War his education was discontinued. His highest education then was Primary six. In order to improve his English and continue his self-development journey, Mr Ling and some businessmen decided to start a speaking club. One of the businessmen was Mr Wong Lian Han, the President of Singapore Manufacturer’s Association then.

Together, they started Toastmasters Club of Singapore in 1967 to provide a community for individuals who aim to improve their communications and leadership abilities.

The purpose of the Toastmasters Club of Singapore are as follows:

  • To help its member improve their abilities to communicate effectively
  • To provide its members instruction, educational materials, and opportunities which will give them skills and experience in the preparation and delivery of speeches
  • To encourage its members to read and listen analytically
  • To provide its members fair and constructive evaluation of their efforts toward self improvement
  • To increase its member’s knowledge of the rules of parliamentary procedure, and their skills in conducting meetings and participating in group discussions
  • To offer leadership training for its members
  • To provide opportunities and encouragement for its members to appear before our audiences to express their thoughts clearly