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To help its members improve their abilities to communicate effectively

To encourage its members to read and to listen analytically; to offer leadership training for its members

To provide its members instruction, educational materials and opportunities which will give them skills and experience in the preparation and delivery of speeches

To provide for its members fair and constructive evaluation of their efforts toward self improvement

To increase its member’s knowledge of the rules of parliamentary procedure, and their skills in conducting meetings and participating in group discussions

To provide opportunities and encouragement for its members to appear before our audiences to express their thoughts creditably

Our History

Executive Committee 2016/2017

Anshul Meharwal


Zhao JinMin



Internal Auditor

Vicky Vaswani

Social Director

Iwan Yang

Social Director

Peter Ng

Immediate Past President

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Inspiring days for web designers.

There are numerous reasons why people join Toastmasters Club of Singapore. While some come to us to learn how to improve their public speaking skill, others have flock to us for help to overcome their fear or nervousness of public speaking.

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